Competition Arduino Stopwatch

Arduino Project - A pedal activated stopwatch

Image of the arduino timer.


My roommates and I came up with a speed shooting game using dollar store Nerf guns and would time each other as we attempted to better our time.

I started work on creating an pedal activated Arduino stopwatch with the goal of the being able to time yourself in a practical way, with both hands free to get the best time possible.

This video demonstrates how the game works and how the Arduino is used.

The stopwatch consists of the Eelegoo Mega 2560 Arduino board, a text display to show the time, a buzzer to indicate when the time starts and stops, and the pedal.

Image of the arduino stopwatch.

The pedal itself is simply made out of a small breadboard, a simple button, and some cardboard to act as the top of the pedal.

Image of the pedal.

The logic of the code involves a boolean variable keeping state whether the timer should be running or not, which is activated by the button input. For a more detailed look at the code, check out the GitHub project link.