Sinowell Products

Built a website for Sinowell Products

Image of the Sinowell website.


Visit the current state of sinowell.hk

Sinowell Products Limited is a small scale business in Hong Kong, who works with clients to manufacture accessory goods with their logos, such as gift bags, gift boxes any many more.

Previously they did not have a website ready to showcase previous work to new potential clients, and hoped for a simple website hosted on their current domain.

Originally I began work on it using plain HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP as it was what I learned at the time, however I quickly found it cumbersome to continue developing as I added pages and features, it required a lot of identical code to be used and when something needed to change, many lines of code from various pages had to change as well.

I was then introduced to the web framework Astro, which seems to be a nice blend between modern web development features like the ones found in React, while being closer to the vanilla HTML, CSS, JS trio in usage.

This switch to Astro really helped the development of the website, as it took me less than a day to bring the old website into Astro, and already I was taking advantage of it’s component based system and the powerful .map() function, for anything that could be put into a list, such as the product categories and images.

It came extremely useful once it was time to add the french language version of the pages, a lot of the components were able to be reused, and mostly only the text body had to be changed in the new language.