Spellcasters Alley

Video game demo - A turn based RPG with a Twist

Image of the spellcasteralley project.


SpellCaster’s Alley is a twist on the typical turn-based RPG where between each move used, the player is able to bowl to determine the final points of damage. The idea incorporates player skill expression into turn-based combat to see if it would add to the traditional turn-based RPG experience.

While this is a limited demo made in Unity, the bigger picture would have different spells change the layout of the bowling alley and number of pins, with different spells having different base damages or multiplier based on pins hit. Encountering enemies that attack and influence the bowling alley may also be interesting to play with.

Give the demo a try in your browser here!

Have a look at these videos showcasing the demo with added sounds and music.

3D assets and animations were created in Blender, and additional animations that were made but not featured in the demo are shown in the video below.